Iman Safaei

1982, Tehran-Iran 


2005 to Present: Member of IGDS [Iranian Graphic Designers Society


2002: Associate Degree in Graphic Design from Azad University

1999 High School Diploma in Graphic Design


Solo Exhibitions:

2017- "Alley", Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2016- Assar Art Gallery, Posters designed for Assar Gallery’s Exhibitions, Tehran-Iran.

2014-“Popular", Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2011-Etemad Gallery, “Routine-ness”, Iran. 2009 Etemad Gallery, "Awl", Tehran-Iran. 

2008-Sa’d Abad Palace and Cultural Complex, Poster Exhibition “Abtani”, Tehran-Iran.


Group Exhibitions

2017-Contemporary Istanbul 2017, Istanbul-Turkey.

2015-10th Anniversary of Shirin Art Gallery, Shirin Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2014-Black Gold, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2013-Peace, Opera Gallery, London-UK

Light Exhibition, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran

Silence Exhibition, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran- Iran. 2012 Vienna Art Fair, Vienna, Austria Scope Miami Art Fair, Florida, USASeyhoun Art Gallery, “Inanimate Life”, Tehran, IranMohsen Art Gallery, “Occupy Me!”, Tehran, IranMohsen Art Gallery, “3x4”, Tehran, Iran, Mohsen Art Gallery, “The Undones”, Tehran, Iran

2011-Mohsen Art Gallery, “Factory’s Garden”, Tehran, Iran“100 Iranian Logotypes”, Novosibirsk, Russia, Mohsen Art Gallery, "TV", Tehran, Iran

FA Gallery, "body language", Kuwait. 2010 Shirin Art Gallery, "Jungle 3", Tehran, Iran

Mohsen Art Gallery, “Eye”, Tehran, Iran. Dar-Al- Funoon Gallery, "Art 20x30", Kuwait

“The Iranian Look”, Exhibition of Iranian Poster, Lima, Peru

CARTA CANTA, Festival Expo, Civitanova Marche, Italy

22nd International Poster Biennial, Warszawa

Silk Road Gallery, “Self Portrait”, Tehran, Iran

Vijeh Gallery, “Divarkoob”, Poster Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

Iranian Artists’ Forum, "A Colorful day", Tehran, Iran

Mohsen Art Gallery, "Obligatory Military Service", Tehran, Iran

Azad Art Gallery, Poster Exhibition "Tarahan-e Azad", Tehran, Iran. 

2009 Poster Exhibition, "Tehran- Seattle", Seattle, USA. Persianissimo; An Iranian Contemporary Poster Exhibition, On the Occasion of the 16th International Invitational Poster Exhibition [CIIPE], Colorado, USA. Shirin Art Gallery, "Jungle 2", Tehran, Iran

Iranian Typography, Kabul, Afghanistan

Iranian Artists’ Forum, 1st Fajr International Visual Arts Festival, Tehran, Iran

Iranian Art Museum Garden, [Bagh Mouseh Honar-e Iran] "Jungle 1", Tehran, Iran.



2008-Best artist at the Iranian Graphic Design Yearbook Exhibition (selected works), Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran

2008-Best artist at the 4th Iranian Typography Exhibition, "Shahnameh Ferdowsi", Tehran, Iran

2007-Recipient of Plaque of Appreciation, International Biennial of Islamic World Poster, Tehran, Iran

2006-3rd Place Winner, 2nd Biennale of Poster Typography, Tehran, Iran