Roxana Fazeli is graduated from Tehran Markaz Architecture & Art University with a bachelor›s degree in Photography. She has had many group exhibitions. Her latest solo show, Masmoor at Shirin Gallery in January 2019, highlighted the human footprint and role on lives of two near-extinct species, rhinos, and Whales.

By achieving more experiences of working with mixed media, all the statues and sculptures have been created from «Papier-mâché» and industrial waste, which has been thrown away by us humans.
«The most compiling subject that I›m was investigating in my work was the daily destruction and raping of nature by human beings with the excuse of technological achievement. The effect of our actions on mother nature and planet earth forced me to step into this. Traveling, supporting environmental projects and nature reserves, and documentaries and products have played an essential role in shaping my artistic view and, hence, what you see.

In ancient civilizations, animal species have been highly regarded and respected, clearly shown in all mythical and artifacts. The superhumans and humanoids have been having an appearance and characters of human and animal species. Totems have been the sign of power and stamina and created with a combination of human-animal species. The Greek and Persian mythical, legendary creatures are strong evidence of this. These legendary creatures have been part of many other ancient civilizations such as Assyrians, Egyptians, Indians, and so on (for example, unicorns, mermaids, sphinx, etc.).

Now by looking at the current situation, the result of technological and industrial progress, and all garbage produced by humans affecting our environment, I took this challenge to magnify the damage on the environment; I took this challenge to overstate the damage to the environment and all the species from different angles and point of views. I have been trying to show the following in my work:

-  The evolution of certain species to survive in this new environment.

-  The usage of old tools and waste in my sculptures.

-  The metamorphic changes of the species express the harmful effects of

humans on nature and Themselves.