Mahta Moeini was born in 1968 in city of Shiraz ( Iran ).

In 1991, at the same time as she finished her bachelor's degree in painting from the university, she was one of the ten winners in the first Tehran Biennale.

She continued her art work with her first solo exhibition in Green Art Gallery ( owned by Mr Ali Akbar Sadeghi )

She completed her master's degree in 1993.

After that, she held 12 solo exhibitions in Tehran several Art galleries.

She was one of the winners of the Expression of Feelings exhibition ( some 3 exhibitions).

She also participated in a Tehran auction with a sold art work.

She participated in more than 100 group exhibitions in Iran and also in France, Germany, Russia, Cyprus, Canada, China.

Some of her art works are kept exhibiting in the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Imam Ali Museum, and Pasargad Bank Museum.

She is an honorary member of the Association of Painters and also the Institute of Visual Arts.

They established the artist group of DIVAR-E SEFID  ( the White Wall ) and stayed in group activities for some years.

Because of her interest in working with children, she started her career in the field of teaching children in the center of intellectual education and then continued with several independent training centers.

She has cooperated with “Children Research Institute” and also the “institute of welfare” for training the trainers , for many years

She has been teaching in Tehran Art University in recent years.

At the same time, she worked with materials such as copper, brass and silver to make sculptures and ornaments, as well as fabric sculptures and papio mache, which resulted in three exhibitions.

And she has devoted years to designing clothes and working with fabric, such as creating collage works of fabric on canvas, as well as an exhibition of painting curtains entitled “DASHT” ( a flat green land ), by inspiration from traditional Iranian arts.