Khalil Samaei Jablo
Born in 1345 - Ardabil
Bachelor of Painting from Shahed University of Tehran
Master of Painting from Islamic Azad University of Tehran Markaz
A faculty member of Technical and Vocational University
Responsible for the Fereydunkenar Visual Arts Association
Director of Khaneh Doost Free School of Visual Arts
30 years of experience in the field of design and painting
Performing the Sand Sculpture Festival in Iran 2005
18 solo exhibitions:
Shirin Gallery, Afrand, Laleh, Seyhoun, Khaneh Doost, Green Volume, Ardabil Culture House, Babolsar Culture Hall
60 group exhibitions in Iran: Seyhoun Gallery, Niavaran Museum Palace, Isfahan and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Saba Gallery
, Iranian Artists House, Laleh Gallery, Soura, Sandozi Design Biennale, Afrand, Karaj Design Biennale, Shahed Gallery, Shirin, Mozhdeh
Overseas Exhibition: Venice 2010, Columbia University USA 2009, Dubai 2009
Selected (Appreciation) of the 4th Painting Biennial of the Islamic World in 2006
Selected (Plate of Honor) 7th Biennial of Contemporary National Painting of Iran 2007
Selected (plaque of honor) Alvarez's ice and snow statue in 2008
Selected (honorary plaque) Visual Arts Exhibition of Teachers 2005

Judging more than 26 provincial and national cultural and artistic festivals and competitions
2006-2009 - Policy-making and judging panel of national and international sand sculpture festivals in Iran 2005