Hamid Reza Andarz

Nostalgia in Hamidreza Andarz’s Paintings, not only has its roots in past but it is a reminder of the regretful present or a glance to the future that will be lost. The poetic instinct of Artists is a factor for recording the moments as visual poetry.

“Reality transforms into the poem the moment that a person looks at it from a poetic perspective. For me Art is a second alternative for the moment that in reality is transient or even doesn’t exist “.

Because of the dreamlike features in Andarz’s paintings, object distances from their realistic imagery, and the essence of the object gets replaced by its physical form.

The other feature of these paintings is their disorientation to any time, location, and nationality. This eternity and universality in Andarz’s paintings are a reminder of Shahid Saless’ films, Parvaneh Etemadi’s drawings, and Yadollah Royaee’s poems.


• 1996 BA in Painting from Azad-Tehran University.
• 1990 Diploma in painting from Tehran School of Fine arts.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Shirin Art Gallery

2017 Fereshteh Art Gallery

2012 Shirin Art Gallery

2010 Naar Art Gallery

Group Exhibition

• 2022 Winter Selection/Shirin Gallery/ Tehran

• 2020 Tehran auction/Tehran, Iran

• 2020 Trends & Approaches/Shirin Gallery/ Tehran

• 2020 Resilience/Shirin Gallery/ Tehran

• 2020 Tehran auction/Tehran, Iran

• 2019 TEERArtfair/Shirin Gallery/ Tehran

• 2019 Tehran auction/Tehran, Iran

• 2018 11th Visual Arts Festival of Fajr / Ghasr Museum /Shirin Gallery/Tehran

• 2018 Contemporary Drawing of Iran / Fereshteh Gallery / Tehran

• 2018 Abu Dhabi Art Fair / UA

• 2018 Common Memory /Shirin Gallery/ Tehran

• 2018 TEERArtfair/Shirin Gallery/ Tehran

• 2017 Mellat Complex Gallery-Tehran

• 2017 Shokouh Art Gallery-Tehran

• 2017 Fereshteh Art Gallery-Tehran

• 2015 shokouh Art Gallery-Tehran

• 2013 Tara Art Gallery-Los Angles

• 2013 Homa Art Gallery-Tehran

• 2012 Haft Negah Art Gallery-Tehran

• 2012 Dubai Institution of Art

• 2010 The Running Horse-Beirut

• 2010 66 Art Gallery-Tehran

• 2009 Naar Art Gallery-Tehran

• 1996 Barg Art Gallery-Tehran

• 1993 Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran-Second Biannual Painting