Azadeh Razaghdoost

1979 Born Tehran, Iran



2002 BA Painting, University of Art, Tehran 

1997 Diploma in Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Tehran


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2016 "Recipe for a Poem," Sophia Contemporary Gallery, London, UK

2013 "The Shadows of Eden," Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 "Letters.2", Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 "Letters.1", AB Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2007 "Les Fleurs Du Mal.2", Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2006 "Les Fleurs Du Mal.1" Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

2002 "Figurative in Disguise" Atbin Gallery, Tehran, Iran


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018 "Teer Art," Shirin Art Gallery, Ava Center, Tehran, Iran 

2017 Mellat Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 KANSZUGHAUS Museum, Zurich, Switzerland

2015 "Artists in The 18 looks of Contemporary Iranian Artists" Forouzan art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 "Abstraction & Expression," Mellat Gallery, Pardis Cinema Complex, Tehran, Iran

2013 "Nature," Grand Hotel National Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland

2013 Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 "Alternative View, Three Generations of Iranian Women Artists," Pardis Mellat Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 "Van Gogh's Ear- Second Cut," 10 Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 "Silent Position," Art Road Gallery, Hokkaido, Japan

2010 "Across Borders 3", Nero Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany

2010 AB Gallery, Lucerne, Switzerland 

2010 "Silent Position," Velada St. Lucia, Maracaibo, Venezuela

2009 "Across Borders 2", Radical Gallery, Zug, Switzerland

2009 "Writing Art 2", Janine Rubeiz Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2009 "Masques of Shahrazad," Candlestar Gallery, London, UK

2009 "Iran," Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 "Iran on Paper," an exhibition of the collection belonging to Fereydoun Ave,  Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2008 "Writing Art1", Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait

2008 "Across Borders 1", Radical Gallery, Zug, Switzerland

2008 "Hope," Focus Gallery, Dubai, UEA

2008 Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2008 Mall Galleries, London, UK

2008 "Abdollah House," Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait

2007 Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007 "Radical Drawing," Tehran Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

2007 "Song of Bulbuls of Oil-rich Lands," Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Esfahan, Iran

2006 "Fourth Painting Biennale of World of Islam," Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran

2006 "50 Contemporary Artists", Mah Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2006 "Selected Artists of the New Generation," Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2006 "Self Portraits," Iranian Artists' Forum, Tehran, Iran

2005 "The Members of Badaneh Group," Day Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2004 "The Members of Badaneh Group," Barg Gallery, Tehran Iran

2004 "Third Painting Biennale of World of Islam," Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran

2004 "Society of Iranian Painters," Iranian Artists' Forum, Tehran, Iran

2002 "The Iranian Contemporary Drawing Annual," Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2000 Fereshteh Gallery, with Fereydoon Mambeigi, Tehran, Iran


Public Collections:

The Vallpalou Foundation, Lleida, Spain

Privat collection of Mr Velladimir Tesarenkof



Art Fairs:

2017 Beirut Art Fair, Beirut,

2017 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2017 Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

2017 Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, UnitedStates

2012 Art Fair Koln ,Koln,Germany

2012 Abu Dhabi Art, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2011 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2011 Cunts Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

2011  Munich Contempo, Munich, Germany 

2011 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2010 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2008 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE