There is a dilemma in between a sheer representation and personalized interpretation of existence, an expeditionary circumstances which , en route toward modernity project are getting distorted. As Representation to be manifested like a formal situation for phenomenons, open to any kind of interpretation, it is an enclosed circle from within and lack of critical and rational engagement as well, as if it’s only a departure or pivotal point.

In contemporary world with an increasing numbers for tools and digitized relationships we are witnessing a monstrous mimetic realism leaning, in our art soil which is a naive to any end that are reiterating and reproducing means in global sense for both theories and taste as well.

Indications like distortions in order to representing prominent images of art history and romanticizing spaces in Ali works are intertextually criticizing contemporary state of art in today’s Iran, far from coding filtered images in accompanied with shooting distorted mirrors with oily and gluey themes.

In fact, just an awareness towards destination in not moving enough, but continuity in run and understanding distances are means for introducing a path to thrive and contemplation.

Javid Ramezanie


*A prelude is a short piece of music, the form of which may vary from piece to piece. The prelude may be thought of as a preface. For example, it may have served as introduction to succeeding movement of a work that was usually longer and more complex.