Yalda Jamali

Born in 1986

Visual artist/painter/curator



1.2013. “ Art and the chain of hope”. Middle east art gallery.Tehran

2.2013. “Annual painting exhibition .Henna art gallery.Tehran

3.2013.”Puzzle”.Panjereh art  gallery.Tehran

4.2014. “ Half-burned matches”.Henna  art  gallery.Tehran

5.2015.”Where was that world”.Sohrab art gallery.Tehran

6.2016.Sohrab art gallery.Tehran

7.2016.Negar art gallery.Tehran

8.2017. “ Art for autism”..Niavaran cultural foundation.Tehran

9.2017.” Annal painting exhibition”.Shokouh art  gallery.Tehran

10. 2017.”The scattered memories”.Group painting exhibition”. Negar art gallery .Tehran

11.2018. “Flower”.Negar art gallery.Tehran

12.2018.Ace art gallery.Tehran

13.2019.Artland art gallery.Tehran

14.2019.Artland art gallery .Tehran

15.2019.”Women”.International group art exhibition . Austrian cultural forum. Tehran

16.2020.”Boom at boom”.international gallery of contemporary arts.Kish Island


2018.“All of my flowers come from your garden”.Negar artgallery .Tehran


1.2015.”There is …..winter”.Group exhibition.Negar artgallery.Tehran

2.2015.”Where Was That  World”.Group painting exhibition..Sohrab artgallery .Tehran

3.2017.”The scattered memories”.Group painting exhibition”. Negar art gallery .Tehran
4.2018.”Less Is More “.Group art exhibition.Curators:Alireza Adambakan.Yalda Jamali.Negar art gallery.Tehran
5.2019.”Animism”.Group painting exhibition. Negar art gallery.Tehran
6.2020. “Tension”.Group art exhibition.Sohrab art gallery.Tehran