Mehdi Shadizadeh




Mehdi Shadizadeh is an Iranian Photographer.

Mehdi Shadizadeh is a founder, director, filmmaker, and photographer. Shadizadeh is the founder of 5Photoaward. He previously produced several documentary films about Abbas Kiarostami under the titles  “Walking with the Wind,” “Single Tree,” and “Dejhavoo.” He has attended more than ten domestic and foreign exhibitions and is a director responsible for the cultural institute of art in Amordad.

Selected Events


·       2020     Mehdi Shadizadeh Solo Exhibition – Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

·       2018     Conquer the Garden – Saye Gallery, Tehran, Iran

   Fabric Gallery, Albany

  Insomnia Gallery, Texas, United States


Directorial and Producer Works

     “First Impressions” – Ellensburg Competition, United States

     “Room” – Candidate for Grand off, Poland

     “Step Five” – International Jaffalo Festival, Italy