Mansour Nosrat Nezami                         

He was born in Tehran( 1955 ) and studied Art at Nuremberg Academy of Fine Art (Germany) by the famous painter, Prof Georg Karl Pfahler. He had encountered many different art forms, from painting, Sculpting to textile and fashion design. In the Painting area, he reached a pure and unique abstract art style with human themes. The highlight of this style is the usage of texture, especially bamboo and textile, for emphasizing the dialog between suppressed emotions of modern humans and the Art object Selected Solo exhibition.

Erlangen Art Gallery 1980

Stuttgart Art Gallery 1983

Nuremberg Art Gallery 2000

Merkel Gallery, Erlangen 2003

Art Nezami, Nuremberg 2002-2016

Kultur Scheun Gallery, Nuremberg 2016

Seyhoun Art Gallery 2, Tehran 2017

Fine Arts Museum Tehran 2017

Seyhoun Art Gallery 1, Tehran 2018

Seyhoun Art Gallery 1, Tehran 2019

Sayeh Art Gallery Tehran 2019

The 8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial 2020

Shirin Art Gallery Tehran 2022