Kiarang Alaei


Kiarang Alaei is an Iranian Photographer.



Honorary Master Degree, 2014, Ministry of Culture, Islamic Republic of Iran

Selected Events

Work Experience
2021     Editor in chief of Lahoor Photography Magazine
2021     Member of Teaching Council, Eqbal University, Mashad
2021     Member of the Policy Committee, Mezaarat International Photo Festival
2020     Arts Advisor to the University President, Eqbal University, Mashad

2019     Department Chair of Graduate Program in Photography, Eqbal University, Mashhad
2007     Photography lecturer, Ferdows University, Mashhad
2019     Photography supervisor, 26th Iranian Youth Festival of Visual Arts, Ilam
2018     Session Chairman, Aan Research Sessions, Imam Reza Foundation for Culture
2018     Guest lecturer of master classes in staged photography, Photography Magazine
2017     Art Director, Atraf Publication, Tehran
2013-14     Guest lecturer, Tehran Institute of Technology, Rasht
2013-14     Member of Teaching Council, Abrang Institute, Mashad
2011     Guest lecturer, Tehran Expert Photography Institute
2011     Gallery Art director, Akkasee Website
2001-19     Educational Advisor, Soroush Institute, Mashhad
1999     Director of Educational Affairs, Moj-e-no Institute, Mashhad


2020     The Photograph as Contemporary Art |Translation, Herfe Honarmand Pub. Tehran

2019     Silver Book | Translation, Herfe Honarmand Publication, Tehran
2019     The 4th State | Body of work, Herfe Honarmand Publication, Tehran
2017     Semi-Permeable | Photo Collection, Ilia Culture Publication, Rasht
2016     Symbols | translation, Pargar Publication, Tehran
2015     I Was Away |Photo Collecion, Ahang e Ghalam Publication
2014     The Blue Side of the Winds |Translation, Herfe Honarmand Publication, Tehran
2014     The Second Scene of the Adventure | Photo Series, Ahang e Ghalam Publication
2012     Even When We Do Not Know | Photo Series, Ahang e Ghalam Publication
2012     The Paper & the Mirror | Translation, Herfe Honarmand Publication, Tehran
2011     A Tranquil Humidity | Single photos, Ahang e Ghalam Publication
2010     Healing Breathes around Us | Story Collection, Qoqnoos Publication
2010     The Thousand-First Night| Compilation, Khorasan artists Society Pub.
2009     Somewhere Farther | Single photos, Khorasan artists Society Pub.
2008     Haiku Blows Wherever She Likes |Poetry Translation, Rouzamad Publication
2007     Wandering around Life |Co-author: Mostafa Mastoor, Cheshmeh Publication
2006     The Live Nature of some Ladies | Story Collection, Rasesh Publication, Ahvaz
2002     Wind in a Straight Street| A Short Story Collection, Payam Emrouz Publication

Short Films

2018     Zero Dark Hundred, Nonfiction, Video
2010     Lighter than Silence, Video
2005     Documentary of Grief in the Mirror, Video
2004     Bear Me Faraway, Video
2002     Animation of “U,” Video
1998     The Land of Soul, Nonfiction,35mm
1997     Glassy Walls, Video
1996     Cement Hands,8mm
1995     On Zero Orbit,8mm
1994     I Want to Bring Sun into My Room, 8mm

Awards and Honors

2021     FIAP Gold Medal (Best of Show) in  People Section, 2nd Naryn International Exhibition of Photography
2021     FIAP Gold Medal (Best of Show) in  Life Section, 2nd Naryn International Exhibition of Photography
2021     Honorable Mention in Creative Section, 2nd Naryn International Exhibition of Photography
2021     FCP Trophy in Creative Section, 2nd Naryn International Exhibition of Photography
2021     GPU Ribbon, 5th International Mahfuz Ullah Memorial Photo Contest, Bangladesh
2021     GPU Mention, 5th Circular Exhibition of Photography, Montenegro

2020     Top Scholar Award, Eqbal Annual Festival of Research, Mashad

2020     Top Books of the Year Award for translation of Silver Book, Eqbal Annual Festival of Research, Mashad

2019     Iran’s Best Photo Exhibition of the Year, Media Critics’ poll, Festival f Tajrobe Magazine

2019     Honorary Diploma, 16th Image of the Year Festival, mobilography section, Tehran.
2018     Servant of Culture Award in recognition of distinguished services in photography, 16th     Imam Reza International Festival.
2018     Gold Medal,12th International Photo Festival of Kumanovo, Macedonia.
2018     Bronze Medal, 2nd Vision International Exhibition, Finland.

2017     Honorable Mention, Open University of Architecture and Arts, Torbat Jam

2017     Honorable Mention for directing Khorasan Razavi section, 6th Conference of 10 Days with Iranian Photographers

2017     Selected in Mobgraphia, Mobile Photography Festival of Latin America, Brazil
2016     Honorable Mention for educational activities, Ferdows Higher Education Institute.
2014     Honorary Master Degree, Ministry of Culture, Islamic Republic of Iran

2014     Khorasan Artist of the Year, people’s choice, Khorasan
2012-2013     Elected ‘Best Teacher’ of the year, Ferdows University, Mashhad
2010     Nominated for Born in October Review, Press Festival, film review section
2010     Best Trailer Award, 5th Regional short Film Festival, Young Cinema Society
2010     Honorary Diploma for the best animation scenario: A Skyful of Kites, Young Cinema Festival
2010     Jury Award, 5th Iranian Young Cinema Regional Festival
2007     Special Award, Khorasan Photography Society
2007     Screening of The Land of Soul, 17th Fajr International Film Festival, Future Cinema

2007     Finalist for the short story collection: Live Nature of Some Ladies, Golshiri Literary Awards

2007     Honorable Mention, Monotheistic Religions Biennale of Photography

2006     Honorable Mention,1st  Rahmat Festival of Short Film

2006     Runner up in professional photography, Iran’s Festival of Rural Tourism
2006     Invited to Berlin Talent Campus for the film: Bear Me Faraway, Germany
2006     Silver Medal for Bear Me Faraway, Ebensee Festival, Austria
2005     Bronze Medal for “U,” Amateur Filmmaking Union UNICA, Poland
2005     Grand Award for the best animation: “U,” Da Kino Festival, Romania
1998     Bronze Medal for Glassy Walls, Brno Festival Czech Republic
1997     Bronze Medal for Cement Hands, Festival of Nations, Austria


2019     11th Fajr visual arts festival, Tehran
2013-2017     Khane ye Doost National Photo Festival, Mashhad
2008-2012     Five editions of National Photo Festival, Mashhad
2003-2008     Founder of Abrang National Photo Festival for Children/5 editions
2000-2007     Founder of Abrang National Festival of Amateur Photography, Mashhad/8 editions
2006     7th Film Festival, Khorasan Razavi
2005     6th Film Festival, Khorasan Razavi


2019    Member of Contemporary Visual Art Institute of Iran

2017    Member of National Iranian Photographers Society


Jury Member of Photography Festivals

2020     1st Health and Art International Photo Festival

2020     Eastern Lifestyle Photography Contest, Meapic Co, France

2020     1st Peace and Love National Photo Festival

2020     3rd Negaran National Photo Festival, Zahedan

2020     1st Resounding Vow Festival of Mobile Photography, Ministry of Health and Treatment

2020     3rd National Photo Festival of 8, Tehran
2020     1st National Photo Festival of Shajarian, Mashhad

2019     17th Image of the Year (Tasvir e Sal) Festival, Tehran
2019     12th Fajr Visual Arts Festival, Tehran

2019     26th Iranian Youth Visual Arts Festival, Tehran

2019     1st Aras National Photo Festival

2019     3rd Beyond the Event National Photo Festival, Ahvaz

2019     9th Razavi National Photo Festival

2019     1st Photo Marathon of Iran, Qazvin
2019     “Visit Iran” National Photo Festival, Tehran

2019     5th Saffron National Photo Festival, Torbat-e-Heidarieh

2019     2nd National Photo Festival of Spring’s House, Mashhad
2018     5th Mental Health International Photo Festival, Zanjan
2018     2nd Negaran National Photo Festival, Zahedan
2018     4th Saffron National Photo Festival, Torbat-e-Heidarieh

2018     8th Firoozeh International Photo Festival, Tabriz
2018     1st Revival National Photo Festival of Historic Buildings, Tehran
2018     2nd Beyond the Event National Photo Festival, Ahvaz
2018     1st Delino Food Photo Festival, Tehran
2018     2nd National Photo Festival of 8, Tehran
2018     1st National Photo Festival of Spring’s House, Mashhad
2018     3rd Festival of Urban Art, Mashhad
2018     2nd Annual National Exhibition of Mashhad’s Photo Club, Young Cinema Society, Mashhad

2017     Regional Festival of Arts Campaign for Reducing Social Problems, photo-text section, Arak
2017     3rd Water National Photo Festival, Tehran
2017     1st Islamic Architecture Photo Festival, Torbart-e-Jam
2017     Press Photographer of The Year Contest, Iran’s Press Photographers Association, Tehran
2017     1st Beyond the Event National Photo Festival, Ahvaz

2017     1st Travel and Safety National Photo Festival (FIA), Tehran
2017     1st National Photo Festival of 8, Tehran
2017     5th Hormozgan Photo Festival, Bandar Abbas
2017     7th Annual Exhibition of Isfahan Young Cinema Society, Isfahan
2016     1st National Negaran Photo Festival, Zahedan

2016     4th Mental Health International Photo Festival, Zanjan

2015     Golestaneh International Photo Biennale
2015     1st  Mental Health National Photo Festival, Neyshabur
2015     1st  City-Theatre Festival of Photography, Tehran
2014     13th  Iran Photo Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
2014     12th  Image of the Year (Tasvir e Sal) Festival, Tehran
2014     33rd Fajr International Theatre Festival, Photography Section
2014     2nd  Mobile Film and Photo Festival, Tehran
2014     5th  Firoozeh Photo Festival, Tabriz
2014     4th  Birjand in Iran’s Frame Photo Festival
2014     1St  Dast e Dovvom Private Photo Contest
2012     7th  Kids’ National Photo Festival, Iran’s IIDCYA
2012     2nd  Birjand in Iran’s Frame Photo Festival
2012     3rd  Golestaneh National Photo Festival
2011     12th  Iran Photo Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum
2011     2nd  Golestaneh National Photo Festival
2011     3rd  Time National Photo Festival, Arak Art Center
2011     3rd and 4th  Ashura Moments Festival
2011     1st Karoon Provincial Photo Festival, Ahvaz Young Cinema Society
2011     1st  From Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf Photo Festival
2011     1st  Rah e Roshan National Festival, Fiction Section
2010     1st  In the Mirror of Nature Regional Photo Festival, Fars
2010     Asrar Photo Festival, Sabzevar Art Centre
2010     1st  Iranian Youth Photo Festival
2009-2011     4th, 5th, and 6th  Ordibehesht Photo Festival, Hormozgan
2009     2nd  Firoozeh National Photo Festival, Tabriz
2008     11th Iran Photo Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum
2007     Police and Security Photo Festival
2006     2nd  Iranian Fiction Festival
2005     1st  Iranian Fiction Festival

Solo Exhibitions
2019     A Cat’s Dream in Paris | Sysi Gallery, Joensuu, Finland
2019     The Fourth State |Photo Project| Aaran projects Gallery, Tehran
2017     Out of Zone |Photo Project| Bohai Gallery, Hannover, Germany
2017     Puolilapaiseva |Photo Project| Sysi Gallery, Joensuu, Finland
2016     Semi-Permeable |Photo Project| De La Voute Gallery, Paris, France
2015     I Was Away |Photo Project| No. 6 Gallery, Tehran
2014     The Second Scene of The Adventure |Photo Project| Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2012     Even When We Do Not Know! |Photo Project| Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2011     A Tranquil Humidity |Single Photos| Mashhad Artists Forum Gallery
2010     Somewhere Farther |Single Photos| Mashhad Artists Forum Gallery

Group Exhibitions
2021     Flaneur | Curated by Nazli Abbasi, Negah Gallery, Tehran
2018     Exhibition 228| Curated by Siva Shahbaz & Elnaz Amini, Silkroad Gallery, Tehran
2018     A Lone Tree| Curated by Nader Davoodi, E1 Gallery, Tehran
2017     A Piece of Life| Curated by Parham Didehvar, E1 Gallery, Tehran
2016     7 Passages| Curated by Arash Karimi, Theme Gallery, Tehran
2016     The Shadow is Him| with Dr.Roshan & Omid Sariri, Ferdowsi Gallery, Mashhad
2016     Reality & Fantasy| Mellat Gallery, Tehran
2015     Winter| Curated by Mehrdad Afsari| Mohsen Gallery, Tehran
2012     Narrative| Curated by Mehdi Moghimnejad| Mellat Gallery, Tehran
2010     Photo-Series of Contemporary Iranian Photographers| Saba Gallery, Tehran
2006     Privacy Life II, Mirak Gallery, Mashhad
2005     Privacy Life, Mirak Gallery, Mashhad


2018     Vakil Abad, Group Photography Exhibition, Rezavan Gallery, Mashhad
2018     Trend, Group Photography Exhibition, Iranian Artists Forum Gallery, Tehran
2017     Group Exhibition of Great Khorasan Photographers, Iranian Artists Forum Gallery, Tehran

2016     Self, students of  Ferdows University, Radin Gallery, Mashhad
2016     Urban, Group Photography Exhibition, Theme Gallery, Tehran
2015     The Colorless Shadow, students of Sorush and Artin Art Institute, Theme Gallery, Tehran
2015     Limited Light, students of Sorush and Artin Art Institute, Gallery No.6, Tehran

2015     The Copier Is Out of Order, students of Ferdows University, Ferdowsi Gallery
2015     Incomplete Syllable, students of Sorush Institute, Gallery No. 6, Tehran
2015     Eyes I Won’t Shut, students of Soroush Institute, Artin Gallery, Mashhad
2014     Hidden Area, students of Abrang, Artin and Soroush Institutes, Artin Gallery
2014     At a Time Yesterday, students of Ferdows University, Artin Gallery, Mashhad
2014     Pale White, students of Soroush Institute, Ferdowsi Gallery, Mashhad
2014     A Deep Sleep Awakening, students of Tehran Institute of Technology, Rasht
2013     Angles in Time, students of Soroush Institute, Ferdowsi Gallery, Mashhad
2013     Belongings, students of Ferdows University, Ferdowsi Gallery, Mashhad
2012     Private Zone, students of Ferdows University, Ferdowsi Gallery, Mashhad
2012     Blight, students of Ferdows University, Soroush Gallery, Mashhad
2011     No Exception, students of Soroush Institute, Mashhad Artist Forum
2010     Sunflowers are Praying for Light, students of Soroush Institute Soroush
2010     Through the Path of Watching, students of Soroush Institute, Mashhad
2009     Resume, students of Soroush Institute Soroush Gallery, Mashhad
2009     Khab bi Vav, students of Ferdows University, Mashhad Artist Forum


2021     “Foreword,” Aat Oqlan Photography Book (Photos of Mohsen Kaboli)
2021     “Foreword,” Shargh e Mogharnas Photography Book (Photos of Farshid Ahmadpoor)
2019     “Of literature and Photography,” Photography quarterly 5

2019     “Novel Media & Age of Instagram,” Select essay book of the 11th Fajr Visual Arts Festival 
2019     “A Marginal Note on Creativity Phenomenon in Photography,” Select essay book of the 11th Fajr Festival

2019     “Somewhere Further,” Herfeh honarmand quarterly 72

2019     “Beholding the Holy,” Herfeh honarmand quarterly 72

2019     “We Are not Carrying Duplication of Reality; Analysis of Sasan Moayedi’s Works,” Tajrobe monthly
2018     “New Topographies Represent Tastelessness of History,” Bi-aban Photography Book
2017     “Crownless, Throneless,” Photography quarterly 3. 

2017     “Editorial,” Kadr quarterly 1.

2017     “Story or Autobiography,” Cameo collective monthly, Germany.

2016     “New Age of Cellphone Photography” 7th Firoozeh National Photo Festival booklet, Tabriz.

2016     “Documentary Photography,” 7th Firoozeh National Photo Festival booklet, Tabriz.

2015     “ Instagram Heaven, Instagram Hell,” Photography quarterly 1.

2015     “Contemporary Photography of Iran and Festivals,” Tandis biweekly magazine of visual arts 263.

2014     “Significance of Cutline in Photography,” Khallagh quarterly of photography 30.

2014     “About Azad Art gallery,” Hengam monthly of art and literature 8.

2014     “Time, scene, City in Photography,” Fifth Firoozeh Festival booklet, Tabriz.

2014     “Beyond Common Rationale,” Fifth Firoozeh Festival booklet, Tabriz.

2014     “A Review of Shadi afarin Arash’s Photographs,” Art international quarterly 5

2014     “A Critique of 20th Century Photography Icons”, Art international quarterly 4.

2013     “Which Dawn to Wait for,” Attempt on Sorrow‘s Circuit: Companion to Mastoor, cheshmeh Publication. 

2013     “Massacre of the Tomatoes, the slaughter of the Lettuce,” Attempt on Sorrow’s Circuit: a companion to Mastoor

2013     “Iran’s Contemporary Photography through Festivals,” Astan honar monthly 6

2013     “From Atget’s City to Abbott’s Utopian City,” Art international quarterly 3

2013     “A Review of Karim Malek Madani's Photography” Art international quarterly 2

2013     “A Review of Robert Doisneau's Photography,” Art international quarterly 1

2012     “Real Women, Ethereal Women,” Herfeh honarmand quarterly 42.

2011     “On Pete Turner’s Photography” Khallagh monthly magazine of photography 27.

2010     “So Poignant that Our Eyes Overflow with Tears,” Khallagh monthly magazine of photography 23.

2010     “ People’s Puppeteering,” Khallagh monthly magazine of photography 22.

2009     “A Voice to Promote Photojournalism,” Herfeh honarmand quarterly 29.

2009     “Lamenting Inferiority of Death” Herfeh honarmand quarterly 29. 

2008     “Understanding Cinema and a Phenomenon Called Avant-garde Film” Fajr Film Festival booklet, Khoramshahr.

2003     “An Overview of the New Wave in Iran’s Cinema,” Reader periodical


 Lecturer of Photography Workshops

2020     A Five Star Fan of  Photographs, Emtedad Ordibehesht Institute, Bojnord

2019     Documentary Photography: Evidence or Image?, Jahad Daneshgahi, Khuzestan

2019     Speaking of Cliché and Counter Cliché, Razavi Institute of Artistic Creations, Mashhad

2019     A Study on Urban & Street Photography, Khorasan Razavi Photographers Society, Mashhad

2019     Documentary Photography as a Demand, Kohkilooyeh Art Center
2019     Documentary Photography; from Objective-like to Subjective Reality,
Media & Technology Cultural Center, Mashhad
2018     Camera; Eye, Vision Digital School, Tabriz
2018     21ST  Century’s Magic, Maryam Moodi Art School, Mashhad
2018     1968: A Cloak on the Body of Modernism, Contemporary Art Institute, Tehran
2018     Idea, Subjective Perception & Sign, Sarv Tourist Institute, Shiraz
2018     New Approaches in Contemporary Photography, Golestan Photographers Association, Gorgan
2018     Photo Series Essence & its Types, Golestan Photographers Association, Gorgan
2018     Documentary Photography; Redefinition & Cultural Aspects, National Congress on Architecture & Urban Development, Torbet e Jam
2018     Cell-Phone Photography & Means of Dealing with the Device, Culture & Islamic Guidance Bureau, Conquer
2017     Instagram & Photo Enthusiasm, Jahad Short-Term Training Center, Ahvaz
2017     New Methods of Teaching Photography, Khorasan Razavi Education Bureau, Mashhad

2017      Artist talk given in Bohai gallery, Hanover
2017     On Cell-Phone Photography, Sarvestan Gallery, Kerman
2017     Nature of Photography, Sarvestan Gallery, Kerman
2017     Cultivation of Idea in Photo-Series, Bakhtiari Photographers Forum, Shahr e Kord
2017      On cell-phone photography, Bakhtiari Photographers Forum, Shahr e Kord
2017     Photography project: from Idea to Implementation, Isfahan Photo Club
2017     Cell Phone Photography: Double-edged Sword, Golestan Cinema Complex, Shiraz
2017     Social Documentary Photography; Fresh Air, Golestan Cinema Complex, Shiraz
2017     Speech on Photography, Sheed Independent Photo Award, Iranian Artist Forum
2017     Documentary Photography: from Duplication to Manipulation of Reality, Golshahr Photographers Department
2017     Teaching  “Photograph and the Connotations” workshop in Shiraz
2017     Free workshops for Afghan migrants settled in Mashhad
2016     A Study on Creativity and Ideation in Photography, Isfahan
2016     Photo-Series, Shahr e Kord Art Centre
2016     Vision in Photography, Shahr e Kord Art Centre
2016     Photo-Series and its Types, Amin Photography School, Ahvaz
2016     Concrete Instances of Creativity in Photography, Ahvaz
2016     Representing Gilan Project; Story of a Year, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran
2015     The Importance of Writing Statement in Photography, Rasht
2015     Evaluation of Dast e Dovom Contest, Asman Gallery, Mashhad
2015     What is Statement, Cutline, and Caption?, Shiraz
2015     Statement and Contemporary Photography, National
Iranian Photographers Society, Tehran
2014     Functions of Statement and Caption in Photography, Art, and Music Research Foundation, Qazvin
2014     Lighting and Portrait Studies, Iran Industry, Shiraz
2014     Experimentalism in Contemporary Photography, Gilan, Rasht
2014     Photography as an Inner Dialogue, Gilan Culture House, Rasht
2014     A Study of Iranian Ritual Photography, Ferdows University, Mashhad
2013     An Overview of Documentation in Five Editions of Mashhad Festival, Yazd
2013     A Survey of Urban Photography in 20th Century, Yazd
2013     A Review of Select Works in the 12th Photo Biennale, Semnan
2013     Contemporariness in Photography, Semnan Art Centre
2013     Photo Series; a challenge, National Iranian Photographers Society
2012     Photo as an Image, Payamnoor University, Shiraz
2012     Five Most Influential Photographers in the 20th Century, Shiraz
2012     Photography; the union of light and meaning, Shiraz
2012     Basic Elements in Creating a Photo-Series, Iranian Young Cinema Mashhad
2011     Play of Motif in Photo-Series, Iranian Young Cinema Society, Ahvaz
2011     Recognizing a Current Concept in Photography; creativity, Isfahan
2011     Ideography, General Bureau of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Yazd
2011     Photography and Implications, Fars Art Centre
2011     Concrete Instances of Creativity in Photography, Bandar Abbas
2010     Development and Moulting of Visual Concepts in Photography, Shiraz
2010     Creativity in Photography, Bahonar University, Kerman
2009     Documentary Photography, Sabzevar
2009     Indoor and Outdoor Photography, Azad University, Mashhad
2009     New Vision in Photography, Bandar Abbas
2009     Photography as Dynamic Visualization: Art University of Neyshabur
2009     Short Film; essence & structure, Iranian Young Cinema Society, Abadan
2009     What is Digital Photography?, Iranian Young Cinema Society, Abadan
2008     Architecture Photography, Azad University, Mashhad
2008     Digital Photography Principles for High School Teachers, Mashhad
2008     A Review of Poland Contemporary Photographers, Mashhad
2008     Digital Photography Outlook, Iranian Young Cinema Society, Bandar Abbas