Katayoon Moghadam

Born in 1967, Iran




2012             PHD Candidate at UM (University of Malaya), Malaysia

2012             M.A (Visual Art) at UM (University of Malaya), Malaysia

1993             B.A. (Handicrafts), Alzahra University, Tehran


Work Experiences


Teaching Experiences


2015             Miladenoor, School, Art and Mural for Kids, Tehran

2013             Part time, Faculty of Sculpture, Art University, Tehran

2013 -19       Ievan Sepid , School, (Art and mural for Kids), Karaj

2010-12        Marefat School, Art and Mural for Kids, Malaysia

2011             Smart Reader Kids, School, Art for Kids, Malaysia

2001             Part-time, Faculty of Traditional Art, Alzahra University, Tehran


Founding and Managing


2003-2007    Aban Art Gallery




Solo exhibitions


2014             Painting, 26 Art Gallery, Tehran

2011             Painting Ryfe Art Gallery Switzerland, Zurich

2006             Painting Aban Art Gallery, Tehran

2004             Installation/Video Art, Arya Art Gallery, Tehran

2004             Installation/Video Art, Aban Art Gallery, Tehran

2001             Sculpture/Painting, Arya Art Gallery, Tehran

2000             Painting, Arya Art Gallery, Tehran

1999             Painting, Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran

1998             Ceramic/Metal, Tarahan Azad Art Gallery, Tehran

1996             Ceramic/Metal, Khorshid Art Gallery , Tehran

1992             Ceramic, Keyhani Art Gallery, Tehran


Group exhibitions




2005            Third Islamic World Biennial

2005            Fourth Sculpture Biennial

2002            First Professional Painting Exhibition of Tehran

2000            Second Professional Painting Exhibition of Tehran

1995            Third Painting Biennial, Tehran

1994            Fourth Ceramic Biennial, Tehran


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020              Shirin Art Gallery, Iran

2020             The Tehran Auction (Contemporary Iranian Art)

2019              The Tehran Auction (Contemporary Iranian Art)

2019              Jardian Persa (Pau- France)

2019              Eastern Gallery , Berlin 

2018-19         Art for Peace Festival , Iran                                                         

2018              Esfahan Contemporary Museum, Iran

2016              Persian Blue Exhibition, Ahvaz Museum, Ahvaz, Iran

2012-13-14-16     Annual exhibition of the Artists Society

2007-10-13-15     Annual Exhibition of the Seven Views, Tehran         

2016              Arya Art Gallery, Small Sculptures, Tehran

2013-14-15-16     Annual Exhibition of the Small Frames, Arya Art Gallery, Tehran

1996-98-2000      Annual Exhibitions for the Expression of Feeling, Tehran

2015            Cankaya , The Center of Contemporary Art , Turkey

2015            Russian Museum, Imperial Garden, ST. Petersburg, Russia

2015            National Museum of Romania

2012            Aswara MAIRA, Malaysia

2011            Qube Art Gallery, Malaysia

2010             Identity Art Exhibition, Cultural Center, UM University, Malaysia    

2011             Case Art Gallery, Malaysia

2005             Painting& Sculpture, Art Zurich, Switzerland

2005             Painting/Sculpture, Gallery of Cite International des Art, Paris, France

2004             Painting& Sculpture, Art International   Zurich, Switzerland

2000             Photography Palme, Naima Cafe Via Roma, Napoli, Italy, Italy

2002             Art Sud, Paris, France

2011             Ryfe Art Gallery, Switzerland





2005             Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Cite International des Art, Paris,




Selected Commissions


2004              Painting and Printing on Tiles, 2(6.9ft) Sports Museum, Tehran

2001              Corporate Commission, Murals in the entrance lobby of Developing Industries                        for Defensive Exports

1996-1999     Corporate Commission, Earthenware Relief, 2(18.30ft) Portal of National Oil Company, Tehran

1999              Public Art commission, Day and Night, Ceramic Tile Mural, 2(6.9ft), Metro Station, Tehran, Iran

1998              Corporate Commission Earthenware Relief on the Portal of the Conference Center of Iran Television and Radio, Thran


1998              Corporate Commission, Plaster, (30.6ft), Journalist Hall in the Conference Center of Iran Television and Radio, Tehran





2016              World Directory of Artists, Italy (EU)

1998-2016     Iranian Artists Society, Iran                    

 2005             Cite International des Art, Paris, France

 2000             The Institute of Visual Art, Tehran




2016              Ruyine Pakbaz, Encyclopedia of Art, Farhang Moaser, Volume Two, p 1385

2016              Santo Cardamone, Art Directory of Artists

2015              Interview, Silk Road Gardens, Russian Museum, Mosco TV, Channel l

2014              Interview, Painters Birthday, Iran Newspaper, 5780, October, Iran

2014              Article, Repetition, Hamidreza Karami, Catalogue, 26 Art Gallery, Tehran





Selected Presentations/Workshop


2015              Silk Rode Gardens, Russian Museum, Painting, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010              Iranian Murals, UM (Malaya University), Malaysia




          Painting, Disable kids Association

          Ceramic, Center of Iran Television and Radio

          Ceramic, Museum of Handicraft, Tehran

          Ceramic, painting, Sport museum, Tehran

          Painting, Institute of Visual art, Tehran

          Painting, Sculpture, Alvart Zigrits, Switzerland

          Private Collectors, Tehran, USA, Italy, France, Russia and …




2005              Cite International des Art, Paris France, 3 month


Exhibitions juried


2011               Silk Painting Category, Judge for National Competition, Malaysia


Curatorial practices:


2014               The Secret of the Rose, Art Group Exhibition, Unique Art Gallery

2014                Painters Birthday, Group painting Exhibition, Artists House, Co- Curators (Mina Nadery& Aidin KHnkeshipoor), Tehran

2006                Painting Exhibition 10 artist 10 Painting Aban Art Gallery, Tehran

2005                The Journey, Aban Art Gallery, Group Multimedia Exhibition

2005                Painting& Sculpture, Art International Zurich, Switzerland

2004                Painting, Art Expo Tehran, Aban Art Gallery, Vahdat Hall, Tehran

2003-4             Ceramic Group Exhibition, Aban Art Gallery, Tehran

2003-4             Holding Video art Exhibitions, Having Criticism Sessions about Conceptual Art, Inviting Experts and Showing Artistic Films in Aban Art Gallery



Volunteer Management Practices


1999-2014-15-16 Collaboration with Exhibition Committee of Iranian Artists society





          A book by the name of (The Significance of Techniques in Iranian Murals), 2012. Lambert (German Academic Publishing)