Gizella Varga Sinai



Background / Education

I was born in Hungary in 1944. I studied art education at the "Akademie for Angewandte Kunst" in Vienna/Austria and came to Iran in 1967.


Ever since my childhood, I was pre-occupied with our own Hungarian stories, which do not date back to more than 1000 years. Historians presume that we came from the East; our famous poets and painters have created works expressing this nostalgia for the Orient as an ancestral homeland.


With this background, I came to Iran where a powerful and heroic past is sensed. It was my duty as an artist to pursue the tie between the past and the present and to show it in my paintings. Where did the old myths, fables, and stories come from? How can we express that they are still alive in us, that they now exist, and will continue in the future?


During my years in Iran, I have gone through the following artistic periods:


1. From West to East – 1968-1977

2. Blind Dolls - 1980

3. Echo of Silence – 1986

4. The South and its Masks – 1999

5. Images and Walls – 1989, 2003, 2005

6. Travel Diary - Safar Nameh - 2005 to ...

7. Flowergarden with Birds (Gol-o Morgh)  ,2010-2014


Teaching Experiences

1. Teaching at Moaser Studio (1981-87).

2. Teaching at German School, Tehran (1986-2003).

3. Organizing and facilitating workshops in Iran and abroad (2003 to date).



1. Society of Iranian Painters (2001)

2. Co-founder and member of Dena Group (2001)



List of Exhibitions 



Individual exhibitions:

1968-1969 Modern Art Gallery, Tehran
1973 Iran-America Society, Tehran
1975 Lautrec Gallery, Tehran
1977 Khaneh Aftab Gallery, Tehran
1980 Gallery Aai, Vienna, Austria
1981 Cafe Museum, Vienna, Austria
1986 Private exhibition "Echo of Silence", Tehran
1989-1992-1994-1995 Golestan Gallery, Tehran
1999 Aria Gallery, Tehran
2005 Homa Gallery, Tehran
2007 Pirkanpohja Art Centre, Finland
2007 Jakobstad [Pietarsaari] Tobaksmagasinet [Tupakkamakasiini]
   Exhibition with Jaana Erkkila, Finland
2009 Galerie UngArt, Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna, Austria
2010 SIIN GALLERY, Tehran
2011 Szombathely,Kunsthalle(Travelbook) with the Mediawawe Festival,Hungary 
2011 Apadana Gallery,(Flowergarden with Birds,gol-o morgh)Isfahan,Iran

2014 Vollnhofer Artgallery,(Travelbook)Budapest,Hungary

2014 National Museum,(Travelbook)Tbilisi,Georgia

2016 Castle Garden Bazaar,Budapest,Hungary(during the Spring Festival)


Group Exhibitions:

1977 Modern Art Gallery, Tehran
1978 Khaneh Aftab Gallery, Tehran
1984-1985 Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
1987-1988-1989-1990 different exhibitions 
      at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
1989 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran
1989 Pafar Gallery, Tehran 
1989 Azin Gallery, Tehran 
1990-1991 Afrand Gallery, Tehran 
1991 Classic Gallery, Tehran 
1991-1994-1997 "Iranian Painting Biennial", Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
1991 Aurum Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
1991 Cultural Center, New York, USA
1991 Azadi Cultural Center, Tehran 
1993 Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium
1993-2003 Golestan Gallery, numerous group exhibitions, Tehran 
1994 Bamdad Gallery, Tehran
1994 Hakim Nezami Gallery, Tehran
1995-2001 Saad Abad Cultural Center, Tehran
1996-2001 Ebn-e-Sina Gallery, Tehran
1997 China Art Exhibitions, Peking, China
1999 Niavaran Cultural Center, "Manifestation of Feeling", Tehran 
1999 Total Arts Gallery, "Contemporary Persian Painting", Dubai, UAE
2000 Yahia Gallery "Contemporary Painting Exhibition", Tunis, Tunisia
2000 Art Expo, New York, USA
2000 Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, "Symbolic Expression in the Iranian Painting",Tehran  
2000 Museo National Arti e Tradizioni Populari, "Iranian Contemporary Painting", Rome, Italy 
2000 Artists International Trade Center, "The Silent Brush", Washington DC, USA
2000 Aria Gallery, Tehran
2000-2003 1st and 2nd "Contemporary Islamic World Painting" exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
2000 Contemporary Painting Exhibitions, Laranka, Cyprus
2001 Woman group exhibitions (Dialoghe among Civilizations), Ejlas building, Tehran
2001 Artist Forum, "lmage in Iranian Painting", Tehran
2001 Barg Gallery, Tehran
2001 Amber Gallery, East-West Foundation, Leiden, The Netherlands
2001-2003 Traveling exhibition "A Breeze from the Gardens of Persia, New Art from Iran", Meridian International Center, Washington DC, New York, Belleville Illinois, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Texas, Florida USA
2002 Art Sud Expo, Palais des Congres, Paris, France
2002 Pars mehry Gallery, Maryland, USA
2003 Stoa Cultural Center, Helsinki, Finland
2003-2004 Artist Forum, Tehran
2004 Capua, Italy
2004 First Tehran Art Expo
2005 Caserta, Italy
2005 Museu da Aqua, Lisbon, Portugal
2005 Palacia da Bolsa, Portugal
2005 Modern Art Movement - Museum of Cont. Art Tehran
2006 Tehran Art Gallery
2006 Exhibition of Iranian Cont. Art - Niavaran Cultural Center
2006 East of Imagination - Iranian Cont. Painters - Museum of Cont. Art Tehran
2006 The Fourth International Painting Biennial of the Islamic World
2007 The Greatest Art Show of the Year-Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation
2007 The Tree, group exhibitions - Gallery Golestan
2007 Iranian Spring, exhibition of Poetry and Visual Arts-Museum of Cont.Art,Teheran
2007 Representation of Persian Painting in Cont. Painting in Iran-Imam Ali Arts Museum
2008 The 5'th International Painting Biennial of the Islamic World
2008 The Greatest Art Show of the Year-Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation
2008 The Great Painting Exhibition - Society of Iranian Painters (SIP) - Iranian Artist's Forum
2008 Mahak Charity - Colour of Love - Niavaran Cultural/Historic Complex
2009 Masques of Sharzad,Candlestar Art Gallery,London ,England 
2009 Group exhibition of Cont.Iranian artists,Mellat Gallery,Tehran ,Iran 
2009 90 selected artists of Cont.Art ,Tehran,Iran 
2010 Exhibition with Ajka Group ,Hungary,Kavir Gallery,Rafsanjan ,Iran 
2010 Protect Wildlife Heritage,Art exhibition,Creative Workshop by children and Eminent Artists of Scandinavia and Asia 

Asia,Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya(Prince of Wales Museum of Western India),Mumbay,India
"Fusion 10" an Art Exhibition and Creative Workshop by artists of Chandigarh,Haryana,Himachal Pradesh,Punjab,Iran ,Turkey,Sri Lanka,Denmark,Chandigarh,India
Gurgaon ,New Delhi,workshops with school children in Lady Florence Public school(Gurgaon),Kushi Girls RainbowHome,New Delhi,(workshop with street children)The Sri Ram school,Gurgaon
Victoria Inn,International exhibition and workshop,Darampour,India

2010 The greatest show of the year ,Gallery Mellat Tehran ,Iran 
2010 Meetingpoint,group exhibition with Carol Borelli (USA),Jaana Erkkila(Finland),Budapest,Hungary 
2010 Exhibition of Iranian Cont.Painters, FravahrGallery
2011 The World where to I adhere; Family exhibition, Silk Road Gallery
2011 1st Modern & Contemporary Visual Art Action, (Daheshpour Charity Org.)

2012 Art Expo,Vahdat Hall

2012 Contemporary Visual Art Ex., Bank Pasargad Museum

2019 Teerartfair/Tehran/Iran

2020 Illusionsm, Virtualism and Surrealism in Iranian Contemporary Art/ Tehran / Iran



DENA group exhibitions:

2001 DENA exhibitions in Iran: Esfahan, Rafsanjan
2002 DENA exhibitions in Iran: Zanjan
2002 DENA exhibitions abroad: Naples Italy, Marbella Spain, UN Geneva Switzerland, Budapest Hungary, Leiden the Netherlands
2003 DENA exhibitions in Iran: Esfahan Museum, Yazd
2003 DENA exhibitions abroad: EU Parliament Brussels Belgium, Den Haag the Netherlands, Kokkola Museum Finland, Evry France, Helsinki Finland, Rome Italy, Oslo Norway , Beijing, Wuhan, Shnaghai China
2004 DENA exhibitions in Iran: Zanjan
2005 Ludwig Museum - Koblenz - Germany
2006 Persja and Two Swiaty Galleries - Krakow - Poland
2006 Cultural Foundation - Abu Dhabi - U.A.E

2006 Bagash Art Gallery-Dubai,UAE
2007 Qanat Al Qasba-Sharjah

And different group exhibitions in Galleries and Museums in Teheran until data



Museum Collection Pieces:


The Bank Pasargad Art Collection

Museum of Contemporary Art ,Tehran

Quran Museum, Tehran

Damjanich Janos Museum ,Szolnok, Hungary

George Pompidou Center,Paris



1977  Prize at the’Ayeneh dar Ayeneh’exhibition,Tehran

2011 Parallel Cultural Awards, Mediawave Festival, Hungary

 2014 Hungarian Order of Merit Officer’s Cross, Hungary