Forough Reyhani was born in 1978 in Tehran. She studied at Girls' Visual Arts High School and later studied painting at Azad University. She immigrated to Italy in 1999 and received her BA in decoration from Florence School of Fine Arts and Master in multimedia in the same city.

She illustrated two books for the L'Asino d'oro publication in Rome: Gilgamesh the King of Uruk (2013) and Hatshepsut, the Child of Sun (2016).

In 2006 she received the Genesi award for a short film from the Future Film Festival of Torino, Italy.

She has held individual exhibitions in venues such as MUST in Lece, Palaexpo in Rome, and Lithographic Printing Expo in Abtin Gallery Tehran.

Two thousand nineteen solo exhibitions of paintings and installation, entitled Archetypes in Shirin Art Gallery in Tehran.

She has also participated in group exhibitions in Hour Gallery, 26 Gallery, Youth Painting Biennial in Rome, Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and 2001 Artists Painting Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan Shirin Art Gallery, Barbara Sella Art gallery.

Shi is currently living and working in the city of Genoa and continues her activities in the fields of illustration, painting, and sculpture