Amir Ali Safiari‭ ‬was born‭ ‬in Tehran‭. ‬San Francisco artist Amir Safiari AKA Safitown‭ ‬grew up in Nice‭, ‬France‭, ‬then moved to San Francisco at 11‭. ‬A self-thought artist‭.  ‬Studied Business Marketing at California state university Northridge‭, ‬then became a successful advertising executive‭.  ‬It was not till the age of 40‭ ‬that he realized that his true passion was art and his need to create‭.  ‬Knowing that time was against him‭, ‬having started so late‭, ‬the only way he could achieve his dreams would be to become highly efficient‭ ‬in everything he did‭, ‬take lots of calculated risks, and constantly create‭.  ‬He has never made two exact mirrors‭,‬‭ ‬continually changing the techniques‭ , ‬mediums‭, ‬cut, and color‭.  ‬Mastery in the mirror‭uses different techniques to remove parts of the mirror silvering with Acid‭, ‬bleach, and a few other chemicals‭.  ‬All his works are entirely handmade‭, ‬with no power tools in any way‭.   ‬Having created this art form himself‭, ‬truly made his mirrors rare and unique‭.  ‬His works include graphic design‭, ‬wood‭, ‬resin‭, ‬glass‭, ‬Vitrail‭ , ‬painting, and collage‭.‬